Please pray for Maricel (ate cel)

Please pray for ate cel, she's on her 4th chemo this July 20. She's so talented when it comes to crafts..she has so many ideas.I bet she'll be one of the best scrapper if only she enters in our own little world.She tried once,she scrap lift some layouts in one of my magazines, hers came out better than the one she copied.

I pray that she will get well soon.

She lost her hair after her 3rd chemo,my cousin Levi shaved his hair just to comfort her wife and to tell her she's not alone on this battle.I cut my hair too,but not so short,i was afraid that my youngest son will get mad,i remember, when i cut my hair short Gabe commented "Mom are you a boy?" LOL

She used to have a long and beautiful hair :))

Don't worry ate cel your hair will grow back soon.

God is with you always and us too :))

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