Happy Father's Day!

I pray that i'm not like that to my father.

I am thankful to my father for providing,taking care of us and spoiling us, also to my father in law for his patience to my husband (just kidding) and to my honey for being a good father to my kids.Love you much :)) Happy Father's day!


Toy Story 3

Yippee,The Toys are back in town.. Basically my kids grew up watching Toy Story 1 and 2 over and over and over again. (in fact,they know the lines by ♥).

It's one of their favorite movie,mine too.

They are so excited to watch it (i guess,we ALL are LOL)... my youngest,Gabehas been counting days until it's opening and that is TODAY.. He is begging and bugging me now... i might give in. :))


Pick me, pick me :)

I want to win an Epiphanie camera bag from epiphaniebags.com / @EpiphanieBags at Paperie Boutique / paperieboutique.com by @shutterblog oh pick me,pick me please...yehey, i won!!! hey, i can dream!!can i? LOL i wish and pray for this bag for a long time..she's so pretty.Isn't she? I love it! thanks for the chance..