I'm thankful... to God for loving me unconditionally.. to my family and friends. I'm so SORRY in anyway i have offended you (knowingly or unknowingly). Please be patient with me. God still working on me. I love y'all. 2009 was a tough year for me and my family... a lot of blessings.. a lot of problems.. but God sustained us..He is really faithful to us. A new year- it doesn't mean a new beginning because it has already begun.. all i know is, God is there..always. He will continue to love me and guide me. Have a blessed New YEar everyone.. GOd bless you all. here are some blessings.. Someone promise me that she'll give me a crop-a-dile...YIPPEE (doing happy dance) I just hope and (please) pray that she will keep it...(crossing my finger). TFL