Hongkong Trip with Salustiano

TFL! Hongkong,November 8-11,2010


Gabe's 9th birthday @ Disneyland HK

The blessings is pouring and we are blessed to traveled with my sisters and their families.Unfortunately, my hubby and my eldest son, Sean,wasn't able to come.These are some pics i would like to share with you peeps :)) TFL


Please pray for Maricel (ate cel)

Please pray for ate cel, she's on her 4th chemo this July 20. She's so talented when it comes to crafts..she has so many ideas.I bet she'll be one of the best scrapper if only she enters in our own little world.She tried once,she scrap lift some layouts in one of my magazines, hers came out better than the one she copied.

I pray that she will get well soon.

She lost her hair after her 3rd chemo,my cousin Levi shaved his hair just to comfort her wife and to tell her she's not alone on this battle.I cut my hair too,but not so short,i was afraid that my youngest son will get mad,i remember, when i cut my hair short Gabe commented "Mom are you a boy?" LOL

She used to have a long and beautiful hair :))

Don't worry ate cel your hair will grow back soon.

God is with you always and us too :))


Happy Father's Day!

I pray that i'm not like that to my father.

I am thankful to my father for providing,taking care of us and spoiling us, also to my father in law for his patience to my husband (just kidding) and to my honey for being a good father to my kids.Love you much :)) Happy Father's day!


Toy Story 3

Yippee,The Toys are back in town.. Basically my kids grew up watching Toy Story 1 and 2 over and over and over again. (in fact,they know the lines by ♥).

It's one of their favorite movie,mine too.

They are so excited to watch it (i guess,we ALL are LOL)... my youngest,Gabehas been counting days until it's opening and that is TODAY.. He is begging and bugging me now... i might give in. :))


Pick me, pick me :)

I want to win an Epiphanie camera bag from epiphaniebags.com / @EpiphanieBags at Paperie Boutique / paperieboutique.com by @shutterblog oh pick me,pick me please...yehey, i won!!! hey, i can dream!!can i? LOL i wish and pray for this bag for a long time..she's so pretty.Isn't she? I love it! thanks for the chance..


Layout with Mr.Big

I made layouts awhile back that are not posted here yet.Here is one of my LO's i made,arrgghhh..i never like how i took pictures of my layouts.so pardon for the poor quality of my pics :( ---i just used my BB to photograph this. TFL


Bon Voyage - Meryl

I really love distress ink,it will give your simple layout life and vivacity. This mini album is for my son's schoolmate and friend,Meryl,who's leaving tomorrow to live in Canada with her family.I think she's my son bff and surely she'll be missed. Thank you for looking! :)


Advance Party

I have an early birthday celebration with my scrappy friends..just a simple one. we eat,create,celebrate,happy :) here's cake from Bessie :) thank you so much for the cake and preparing for our kit..we really appreciate your effort. :) gifts...me:happy:thank you guys mwahh i miss our friend beth. :(


Shenzhen China

I am busy because of my work and i think,i need some squeezing to get creative juices in my body(sigh).AnywAY, One of the perks of my job is i get to travel but still work related and some shopping too..i was hoping to find scrap stuffs here but no luck.I hope i can scrap some pics from this trip.I can't wait to be home...misses my kids ;) TFL