Burglar at home

April 30 was memorable to me,besides typhoon Emong,we personally experienced the "typhoon" in our life..Our maid hysterically knocked on our door asking us who opened the door..i don't know why but i knew right there and then that my laptop was stolen..and so it was true- they took also the modem and my son's cellphone and worst of it all i just learned after a week of incident, my scrapbook bag was stolen too,that included my 3 scrapbook album, 1 new album plus all my chip boards embellishment and so many scrapbook items,plus the project i made last scrapjam clark(huhuhu),i really cried not because of my laptop but because of my scrapbook, that my most treasured possession.Can you blame me for crying more for my scrapbook albums? I guess you would understand. I made this layout while crying..TFL!