I'm in the rut!!

The truth is for the past months,i'm not in the mood to do anything..i''m just forcing myself to do layouts but i am my own critic.I never like what i did.I'm just wondering why,now that i'm exposed to beautiful materials,it seems i can't find my mojo's,i'm visiting almost every scrapbookers that makes beautiful layouts but to no avail,nothing happened don't get me wrong I admired and drool with their creation it is just nothing.Though i am present in almost all event ,it seems i'm lost and i can't find my own track.I know the inspiration and possibility are everywhere. But I'm contemplating why?yeah, i know why..i'm intimidated at all beautiful materials,i just bought it and i just want to look at it and i'm very happy doing that..plus the fact that i kept on organizing my things..never ending organization..i have limited space and i can't find the right place for my stuffs.ohhh...bloody scrap!!what will i do? i guess, i have to make a to do list or resolution that everyday ,i must do one layout..why not? i have to start now..today..hope so..

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