I'm in the rut!!

The truth is for the past months,i'm not in the mood to do anything..i''m just forcing myself to do layouts but i am my own critic.I never like what i did.I'm just wondering why,now that i'm exposed to beautiful materials,it seems i can't find my mojo's,i'm visiting almost every scrapbookers that makes beautiful layouts but to no avail,nothing happened don't get me wrong I admired and drool with their creation it is just nothing.Though i am present in almost all event ,it seems i'm lost and i can't find my own track.I know the inspiration and possibility are everywhere. But I'm contemplating why?yeah, i know why..i'm intimidated at all beautiful materials,i just bought it and i just want to look at it and i'm very happy doing that..plus the fact that i kept on organizing my things..never ending organization..i have limited space and i can't find the right place for my stuffs.ohhh...bloody scrap!!what will i do? i guess, i have to make a to do list or resolution that everyday ,i must do one layout..why not? i have to start now..today..hope so..


Flower for you mommy

My son, Gabe, came from school and asked me to close my eyes. When i opened my eyes,He said "flower for you mommy" and hugged me.. after that, he asked me if i like it!and told me "gawa ko yan" (i made that for you)Isn't he sweet!!so i grabbed my camera and document this moment..this may pass just like my eldest he is not that showy anymore.


Scrappinmom's Idol Finale

Of course, i won't miss this big event.I would like to know who will be the next idol and to support Scrappinmoms too.I didn't join any challenges..i'm not really in the mood.I just sit down in the demo's area and watched scrappinmoms' guru.And chatted with my friends... here are our pics: