Scrapukan Anniversary

Today I left early,8:30 am,while my children were still asleep. It's Scrapbukan Anniversary,it was held at Rockwell place near my sister's house..the driver and yaya's in our house will pick up something so i went with them to save some time from commuting.Little did I know my yaya told my youngest that i went to her aunt's house,so he got his tantrums and cried all day..i hurried to get home,and my son gave me this letter.. His letter says :Mommy,i love you very much and please do not go to the Belair.I cry love gabe (mind you the spelling,anyway he's just 7 y/o) he drew himself and wrote Kry (cry) and he drew me..wrote glad..ouch!i'm having fun while he is in despair not bringing him to his aunt's house.. hmmm..it looks like i'm shopping..hihihi... Thus,it really broke my heart(at the same time makes me happy)He is so sweet.. he's been giving me love letter every night,saying he loves me..some i was able to save it but some of the letters, my yaya threw it in the garbage.

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