Memory Lane's Anniversary

Jeannie and I were asked to do a make and take project for helen's anniversary, since i have a stage fright,i just taught it to jeannie so she'll be the one will do the demo..lo and behold when the time comes..i was forced to do it anyway.. only few was able to join us but it was sure fun,there are make and take,raffles and giveaways.I won the grand prize raffle.hmmm..sure its yummy... and here's the tutorial which i fondly called matchbook album with a twist.. materials needed: 1 double sided patterned cardstock 1 plain cardstock 4 brads or eyelet glue embellishments first cut the patterned paper 4.5" x 12" for the cover. then measure from the left side 1.5",score and fold it toward the center from this fold measure again 5.25",score and fold then again form this fold measure .25" score this will leave you 5" for the front cover.set aside. trim from the plain cardstock paper 4.5" x 5" this will give you four pages. open up the album cover,place the pages inside.fold the 1.5" flap over the pages. Staple or put brads to bind it together.fold the 5" flap.all done now for the flipflap(or waterfall),use the scrap from double sided patterned paper trim a strip of cardstock 2" x 6.75 long.measure .25" score and fold do it until you have four folds.that's the tricky part,you need to fold it back and forth. for the pages of flipflap cut four 2" x 2".Adhere. embellish as desire. have fun with this project!!

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