Scrapbook again....

We went out with my in-laws, out of the blue my son ,Gabe, told my MIL that before we're rich..we lived in a big house (that because we're renting big house and we just transferred to a small apartment near my mom's house) and used to have a big red car (our Nissan Patrol, we sold it ) so my MIL asked what happened? Why are you not rich anymore? and he answered "kase my mom keeps on buying scrapbook stuffs so ubos na pera namen" (OMG,i almost fell from my chair,i don't know if i'm going burst to anger or laughter ohh..more on laughter)Did i really exhaust our savings just to buy scrapbooks stuff..i have my own money and that's what i used whenever i needed to buy something for myself..but that's an eyeopener for me.. and if we're going to the mall if he saw me eyeing for scrapbook he will say "scrapbook na naman.." but mind you..he love to pose or give me something for my scrapbooking purposes.. everything he see kahit pa napulot lang sa daan (believe me,he'll pick up everything he sees,even if it's a trash)..LOL

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