Still busy

I'm Still busy...doing some errands and business. Our Christmas party is near and to tell you the truth, I'm kinda skeptic on attending this party,i just don't know why, maybe because whenever i 'm attending events,i shopped and sometimes don't have the time to use it..i 'm just accumulating scrapbook (or hoarding..hahaha) materials and i feel bad about it or maybe.I know, i 'll be more busy these coming days and that 'll be tiring..i don't know! But on second thought, i guess, i better come, because this coming new year,i 'm going to be busy too,focusing on my business and family.oh!what the heck i 'll come,i don't wanna miss this event and of course,all of you.(wink,wink)


Church anniversary - Laguna

Still no time to do some layouts,after our travel to Singapore need to do some errands and my yaya took a vacation too..weekends?we went to Rizal Creation Laguna for our Church anniversary it's an overnight celebration..so,for the meantime i'll share some pics too...:D


I'm back!

It's Imee,remember me..hihihi I'm really sorry,i'm too busy to blog.. i'm busy with new business,bazaar and travels. Will try to do some layouts with my new photos.. oh i wish my mojos will come back soon... it's been a year since it left.(ZOMG) haaayyy!!!!I'm too lazy. Meanwhile, wanna share with you some pics:


I'm in the rut!!

The truth is for the past months,i'm not in the mood to do anything..i''m just forcing myself to do layouts but i am my own critic.I never like what i did.I'm just wondering why,now that i'm exposed to beautiful materials,it seems i can't find my mojo's,i'm visiting almost every scrapbookers that makes beautiful layouts but to no avail,nothing happened don't get me wrong I admired and drool with their creation it is just nothing.Though i am present in almost all event ,it seems i'm lost and i can't find my own track.I know the inspiration and possibility are everywhere. But I'm contemplating why?yeah, i know why..i'm intimidated at all beautiful materials,i just bought it and i just want to look at it and i'm very happy doing that..plus the fact that i kept on organizing my things..never ending organization..i have limited space and i can't find the right place for my stuffs.ohhh...bloody scrap!!what will i do? i guess, i have to make a to do list or resolution that everyday ,i must do one layout..why not? i have to start now..today..hope so..


Flower for you mommy

My son, Gabe, came from school and asked me to close my eyes. When i opened my eyes,He said "flower for you mommy" and hugged me.. after that, he asked me if i like it!and told me "gawa ko yan" (i made that for you)Isn't he sweet!!so i grabbed my camera and document this moment..this may pass just like my eldest he is not that showy anymore.


Scrappinmom's Idol Finale

Of course, i won't miss this big event.I would like to know who will be the next idol and to support Scrappinmoms too.I didn't join any challenges..i'm not really in the mood.I just sit down in the demo's area and watched scrappinmoms' guru.And chatted with my friends... here are our pics:


Scrapukan Anniversary

Today I left early,8:30 am,while my children were still asleep. It's Scrapbukan Anniversary,it was held at Rockwell place near my sister's house..the driver and yaya's in our house will pick up something so i went with them to save some time from commuting.Little did I know my yaya told my youngest that i went to her aunt's house,so he got his tantrums and cried all day..i hurried to get home,and my son gave me this letter.. His letter says :Mommy,i love you very much and please do not go to the Belair.I cry love gabe (mind you the spelling,anyway he's just 7 y/o) he drew himself and wrote Kry (cry) and he drew me..wrote glad..ouch!i'm having fun while he is in despair not bringing him to his aunt's house.. hmmm..it looks like i'm shopping..hihihi... Thus,it really broke my heart(at the same time makes me happy)He is so sweet.. he's been giving me love letter every night,saying he loves me..some i was able to save it but some of the letters, my yaya threw it in the garbage.


Memory Lane's Anniversary

Jeannie and I were asked to do a make and take project for helen's anniversary, since i have a stage fright,i just taught it to jeannie so she'll be the one will do the demo..lo and behold when the time comes..i was forced to do it anyway.. only few was able to join us but it was sure fun,there are make and take,raffles and giveaways.I won the grand prize raffle.hmmm..sure its yummy... and here's the tutorial which i fondly called matchbook album with a twist.. materials needed: 1 double sided patterned cardstock 1 plain cardstock 4 brads or eyelet glue embellishments first cut the patterned paper 4.5" x 12" for the cover. then measure from the left side 1.5",score and fold it toward the center from this fold measure again 5.25",score and fold then again form this fold measure .25" score this will leave you 5" for the front cover.set aside. trim from the plain cardstock paper 4.5" x 5" this will give you four pages. open up the album cover,place the pages inside.fold the 1.5" flap over the pages. Staple or put brads to bind it together.fold the 5" flap.all done now for the flipflap(or waterfall),use the scrap from double sided patterned paper trim a strip of cardstock 2" x 6.75 long.measure .25" score and fold do it until you have four folds.that's the tricky part,you need to fold it back and forth. for the pages of flipflap cut four 2" x 2".Adhere. embellish as desire. have fun with this project!!


Making memories Challenge

It's been a while since i have posted here a LO.I'm glad, i'm in the mood (but not so creative mood,i just forced myself) last week so i made these layouts.These are my entries for Memory Lane challenge.. TFL


Altered Felt

I registered again for Altered felt at artzdescrap I decided to make a Magic wallet out of it.I really enjoy doing this, It's simple but very useful to me.Since it's wallet,i just put few embellishment,(flower and leaf are scraps from felt cloth i used, i just paint it) otherwise,it will only fall out.There's no front or back because it's a magic wallet you can open it either way. here it is: Thanks for looking!


Accordion Album

I registered at the artzdescrap and i was one of the first 6 scrappers to receive accordion album..Yay!! i recieved my accordion just last july 23,so here's my take.
thanks for viewing!



scrapjam...super enjoy!! Though I wasn't able to get anything from "paagaw" (except that Ms.M graciously handed me the goodies,i will not able to get anything) and i was injured because of that..I'm still happy..thanks Ms.M! here's some pics:


New Layouts

I have plenty DCWV SLAB patterned paper that still untouched,so i said to myself i better used it..it's now or never!! I was able to make three LO's in one day and a card last week, but never like the pictures i took,but here it is anyway.. Materials used:Patterned paper DCWV and letters Karen Foster squishies. I need to use my DCWV,got plenty of it. and please,if anyone reading my blog,help me on how to take good pictures of LOs and reduce the file,usually my pics are in MB.



Today,is my father's 75th birthday.Yeah,he's 75!I know!he doesnt look like 75 maybe 74 1/2 hahaha.Anyway,we have surprise party for him..though,the weather is not good,"frank" is the unwanted visitor we have,but still the party is a blast..we have lots of guest.


It's broken!!

Since there's a lot of pregnant women in our community, i'd like to share this to them, i hope they'll get some ideas from this,but while getting good photos,i accidentally dropped it..I'm so sad, I have this bottle for more than a decade now,since my first child,this housed his umbilical cord.Now,it's broken... :(