Rak my world

Well, this is my first time to join a contest (actually,just a raffle) for Scrap booking and i' m really nervous..no kidding...LOL.for one my stash is so few compare to everyone who joined this contest..and the prices alone is already a stash for me..but one reason why i joined this contest is i' m really happy for Marj..she really knows how to share her blessings to us and i thought that is perfect example of "Pay it forward" doing good to those people you don't even know..because some people i know is just show off..making promises that they can't keep,some they just wanted to brag... so way to go Marj! I know we can't wait to receive gifts from our love ones,who doesn't...But i wish we can do something different like sharing scrap booking to orphanage (or street children) and some goodies, too,surely they can't pay us..but their smile is already a reward for us....I was sharing this to Nita,she said if i' m going to this she's in..well I'm still finding a place to share our blessings... i lost my contacts..it's been awhile kase since my last..i don't know who will join me yet but what the heck i think Nita and I can do this hehehehe..so if you know some orphanage houses please leave a message..and if you're in.. again Marj..God bless and thank you for reminding us sharing our blessings.. who's reading this anyway..i didn't invite or share this blog to anyone yet.hahaha

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