Its all about ME

Finally, i put up my own blog..for scrapbooking- a hobby that robbed my pockets.Some might think i 'm just pretending that i really do this,because i 'm not showing my works..i 'm a little shy, all scrapbookers out there is awesome, have their own style and they have a great layouts,it's very intimidating to share mine.. hehehe.Practically speaking i 'm scrapping since my childhood days i loved to cut out from mags to put it up in my albums,well i never thought that was scrapping,until year late 90's or 2000 i came across with this magazine about scrapbooking and i saw some awesome LO,the only paper i know is paper pizzazz and its really hard find stuffs for scrapbooking here so i just used any paper like construction paper,luckily, what i bought was acid free,but construction paper is bland,lack of vibrancy..but i used it anyway. One more thing,i 'm not sure if i 'm ready to share my thoughts, all i know is if ever i speak my mind, i 'm always misunderstood that create some issues in my life,maybe i just shared it to wrong people who's narrow-minded...there again,this will hurt some people again ..i might say "bato bato sa langit tamaan wag magalit".I 'm frank yet too sensitive to others need.I cared so much that will other confused that i 'm so pakialamera..i tried to accomodated everybody who comes to me that who needs help and most of them abused it..and blamed me when something goes wrong..that's already sharing..hehehehe...anyway, i guess thats life...you can't please everybody... and God is so good to me all the time...and really it's not about me anymore, it's about God. anyway,i hope you will like my blog..

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